Basically, nail fungus is a disease that affects both fingernails and toenails. However, this fungus commonly affects the toenails. A lot of individuals are affected with this nail condition, which can distress different aspects of an individual’s personality; it could be physically, emotionally, and even socially. This could also determine the overall health condition of a person. Cited below are some of the important pieces of information about getting toenail fungus.

Risk Factors of Nail Fungus

Basically, men are more common to contract toenail fungus than women. Moreover, the risk of getting affected with toenail fungus is increasing as a person becomes older. Common risk factors of contracting toenail fungus includes poor blood circulation, too much perspiration of the feet, moist or humid work environment, slow growing rate of nails, familial and genetic history of fungal infections, wearing tight socks and shoes that don’t allow the feet to breathe, experienced previous trauma or infection on the nail, wearing too tight and crowded shoes, and presence of health conditions like diabetes mellitus, AIDS, and other diseases that cause weak immune system.

 Causes of Toenail Fungus

Toenail infections are very common diseases affecting all individuals from different ages, race and gender. Toenail infection caused by fungus is caused by microorganisms that cannot thrive without the presence of sunlight. These microorganisms are collectively called fungi. Among the types of fungus that can cause infection to the toenails, dermatophytes are the most common fungi species. Other fungi species that can cause infection includes molds and yeasts.

These microscopic organisms that cause the infection in the toenails can either thrive in the nail through small lesions in the skin, as well as the separation of the nail and its nail bed. Eventually, the infection will develop if the affected nails are placed continuously in warm and moist environment, which makes the fungus thrive and grow.

One of the main reasons why fungi commonly affect the toenails is because they usually thrive in dark, warm and humid environment, such as the surroundings inside the socks and shoes. Moreover, having a poor circulation on the toe can promote good growth of fungus in the toenails. This is feasible because there is less blood circulation that reaches the feet. This could be another great reason why toenails are more affected than fingernails with fungus infection.

Whatever the cause of toenail fungus infection, it is essential to treat it effectively. There are plenty of treatment options that can effectively treat fungus infection. Two main types of treatment for fungal infections caused by fungus are in the forms of topical cream and pills. However, some of the pills and topical creams may cause unpleasant adverse reactions that are not widely known. Thus, it is still important to have a checkup and consult the doctor to identify the type of fungus and its corresponding treatment. Basically, they will suggest an all-natural treatment medication for fungal infection affecting toenails in order not to experience side effects, as well as preventing these microorganisms from coming back.